The History of the Ministry

The story begins on opposite sides of the African continent: Minna Kayser grew up in Ethiopia, and Karen Keegan in Nigeria. Both were MKs (Missionary Kids) under a non-denominational mission board, and both attended Mission boarding schools. Their paths first crossed in January 2000 when they were invited to join a Task Force to address the needs of AMK (Adult Missionary Kids).

Minna had been severely traumatized as a child and was desperately seeking healing for her emotional wounds. Karen invited her to share her story, and they began to apply what they’d learned through training in inner healing prayer. The results were miraculous as God began to minister to Minna’s needs. Soon Karen realized that she had some of her own issues that needed to be addressed, and, as they applied the same principles, God was faithful to bring mind renewal to her as well.

It wasn’t long before God began to direct hurting AMKs to them from around the world, and M&K Ministry was birthed. AMKs have unique issues dealing with their boarding school experiences, life in a sub-culture of overseas missions, high mobility with its repeated cycles of grief and loss, exposure to the occult, and reentry challenges when they return to their passport country. Added to that mix are occasional abuse issues. Minna and Karen had an instant connection with AMKs because of their own experiences and upbringing.

Over the years, their ministry expanded by word of mouth as they put in thousands of hours of intensive prayer ministry with both AMKs and non-AMKs. God has been faithful to bring many to places of freedom and emotional health. After Cheryl Sivacek (also an AMK) began her own healing journey, she joined the team in 2015. As Prayer Ministers, they believe in the authority of the Word of God and the power of prayer. They rely on the Wonderful Counselor to meet the deepest needs of the heart and to replace a person's faulty thinking with truth. They offer prayer ministry to whomever God brings across their path, whether in person or by electronic means. Occasionally they offer week-long Intensive sessions as well.


Our Vision

✞ Restoration to a right relationship with God

✞ Recovery from emotional wounds and renewing the mind

✞ Reconciliation for broken relationships

✞ Regeneration for broken homes and impact on future generations


Members of the Board


Karen Keegan, Executive Director

Karen is an MK (Missionary Kid), born and raised in Nigeria. She had a stable and happy childhood, taught school for a few years, got married and raised three beautiful daughters. After meeting Minna, she finally figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up. She didn’t know that God had equipped her to listen with compassion to those who were struggling.

Karen has been trained in and has extensive experience in inner healing prayer. She is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Temperament Therapist. She has her MA from Andersonville Theological Seminary and holds ministerial credentials as well.


Minna Kayser, Vice Executive Director

Minna was born multi-cultural! Her father was German, her mother an American, and Minna was born and raised in Ethiopia, under the same mission board as Karen. Having survived intense childhood trauma, she pursued a degree in psychology, but it wasn’t until she met Karen that her healing journey progressed. A portion of her testimony is recorded in her book Diamond Fractal. Today she has a passion for walking with people in their journey toward freedom using inner healing prayer.

Cheryl Sivacek, Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryl and Karen were boarding school classmates in Nigeria, but it wasn’t until Cheryl began her healing journey from severe childhood trauma that their paths reconnected as adults. She has a passion for praying and for people, and the combination makes for a powerful partnership in M&K Ministry. She was featured in an internationally-acclaimed 10-week video series called “In the Wildflowers”—designed to help men and women walk through their healing from sexual abuse. When another series “Into His Arms” was created for those who had experienced abortion, she used her passion for sewing to create dolls for grieving men and women. See Cheryl's dolls here. Cheryl has been in training under M & K Ministry for several years and was added as a full prayer minister in 2015.


Bill Hayes, ThM, PhD, Member-at-Large

Bill earned a THM in Bible Exposition at Dallas Seminary and a PHD in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Seminary. He has worked as a pastor, missionary, professor, and counselor. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He and his wife, Bonnie, worked with the missionary organization, SIM, for about 15 years. Bill has been doing healing prayer for 19 years, consistently watching Jesus set captives free. He and Bonnie have 4 married children and 10 grandchildren!


Roxanna Vess, Member-at-large

Roxanna is a retired nurse, mother of six and grandmother of nine. Her volunteer experience includes several medical ministries, leading a post abortion support group and caregiver support groups, facilitating a personal growth seminar, establishing and running a women’s resource center, and fostering newborn infants.

Roxanna is trained in inner healing prayer and also a grateful participant. Through healing prayer God has provided much needed healing and peace for a childhood filled with severe trauma. Roxanna is passionate about people discovering their true identity from which they can experience the freedom, joy, peace, and love they were designed to live. She considers one of her greatest gifts is communicating hope for healing.



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