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Two women, one story. Two countries, one continent. Both Minna and Karen grew up as MKs (Missionary Kids) in boarding schools in Africa. When their paths crossed in the USA, Karen had never before heard the term Satanic Ritual Abuse. Minna had never met anyone so innocent. If they hadn’t experienced this story firsthand, it would be hard to believe that it’s true. Diamond Fractal testifies to the power of God to change lives and offers hope for those who are stuck or struggling in their faith journey. Though not a how-to manual, the book encourages therapists who work with Dissociative Identity Disorder to explore with their clients the power of inner healing prayer.

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Cheryl's Dolls

Each soft, cuddly doll, created for those who are recovering from abortion or miscarriage, is handmade by Cheryl with a unique prayer tucked inside the heart. They are purposefully created faceless since those who are grieving often do not know the identity or gender of their child. If the gender is known, you may order a doll with a blue or pink ribbon. All proceeds go to M&K Ministry.

These dolls may be purchased for therapeutic use by email here. If you are a professional, you may order the dolls in bulk for a discount.


After I lost that baby through an abortion I was forced to have, a piece of me died. I never felt so dirty and unloved before, until this. How could my heart ever heal? How could my mind ever forget? My counselor handed me this doll with a prayer in it and my heart cried, for me and for that unborn child. The pain I was holding inside was more than I could stand. I wanted to die. I could not hold this secret I held, any longer. Today I am very much alive, I am slowly winning the war. When I hold that doll who sits on my bed always, I feel loved again, I feel understood, and I feel cared for. Thank you so much for this.


No one told me then that I would still be in pain almost 30 years later. No one told me about the feelings that would haunt me....the shame, guilt and self hatred. With the simple gift of this doll I was given permission to grieve the child I had denied for so long. At first I thought it was foolishness. ..but nights when I held it I did not feel alone. I still have nights when I hold him for comfort. I told him how sorry I was that I wasn't strong enough then to choose him. I soaked him with years of unshed tears..tears I felt that I didn't deserve to release. A simple doll that helped me heal...Thank you Cheryl♡♡♡


Hi, I really liked Cheryl's doll that I got from my counselor. It is very well made and so cute. It represents my unborn baby that I aborted in 1979. When a woman has an abortion they don't get to grieve or feel the emotions of it because they made that "choice". I feel Cheryl's dolls will help any woman suffering from the aftermath of abortion who needs a substitute for her baby. You can cuddle it, sleep with it and even cry about your "choice". I feel it will help any woman find more peace. Thank you, Cheryl, for making these beautiful dolls.

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